Hsu Shih Chun
Hsu Shih ChunChairman
Chair Professor at Feng Chia University
Consultant of Ministry of Economic Affairs
Member of Bureau of Foreign Trade
Zhang An ping
Zhang An pingExecutive Director
Chairman of the Chia Hsin Cement Group Board of Directors
Vice President of the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce
Miao Feng Chiang
Miao Feng Chiang Executive Director
Chairman of the Mitac International Corp Board of Directors
Chairman of the Lien Hwa Industrial Corporation Board of Directors
Tsai Hung Ching
Tsai Hung ChingExecutive Director
Founder of Taiwan Institute of Directors
Lo Chih Hsien
Lo Chih HsienExecutive Director
General Manager of the Uni-President Enterprises Corporation
General Manager of the Uni-President China Holdings LTD
Wang Bo Yuan
Wang Bo YuanDirector
Chairman of the SERCOMM CORP. Board of Directors
Chairman of the Yi Huo Financial Consulting Board of Directors
Lee Ji Ren
Lee Ji RenDirector
Professor of International Business at National Taiwan University
vice president of College of Management at National Taiwan University
Hou Bo Min
Hou Bo MinDirector
Vice President of theTainan Spinning co Board of Directors
Director of Prince Housing & Development Corp
Kuo Shan Hui
Kuo Shan HuiDirector
Chairman of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland
Chairman of the Lacquer Craft Group
Chen Wu Shiung
Chen Wu ShiungDirector
Founder of Ho Tung Chemical Corp
Founder of CytoPharm Corp
Chen Ying Chieh
Chen Ying ChiehDirector
Chairman of Daphne International
Chen Chih Yuan
Chen Chih YuanDirector
Chairman of the Yong Yi Corp Board of Directors
Chairman of the Yuan Yi Corp Board of Directors
Yeh Yin Fu
Yeh Yin FuDirector
Chairman of the Everlight Electronics Board of Directors
Chairman of the Bai Yi Investment Corp Board of Directors
Tsai Ching Yen
Tsai Ching YenDirector
National Policy Advisor of the ROC
Chairman of the Industrial Technology Research Institution Board of Directors
Tsai Shao Chung
Tsai Shao ChungDirector
General Manager of the Want Want China Times Group
Director of Straits Exchange Foundation
Wei Yung Tu
Wei Yung TuExecutive Supervisor
Chairman of the Yung Chin Corp Board of Directors
Ex-President of Deloitte
Chairman of United Way of Taiwan
Seetoo Dah Shian
Seetoo Dah ShianSupervisor
Visiting Chair Professor at National Chengchi University
 Li Tsun Hsiu
Li Tsun HsiuSupervisor
Professor of Finance at National Taiwan Univesity
Independent Director of Mega Holdings
Jin Wei Chun
Jin Wei ChunSupervisor
Chairman of the good fruit Intelligence Group Board of Directors
Founder of Business Weekly
Cheng  Chia Chung
Cheng Chia ChungSupervisor
Chairman of Taishin Bank Foundation for Art and Culture
President of Commercial Times Newspaper